Project Details

Solana Beach
Master Suite
Full-Service Design/Renovation/Furnish


James Furman & Frank Zhao


South Bay Design


SoHo Construction Co.
Designed as an oasis away from day-to-day life, we chose natural materials such as marble, white oak, linen and incorporated various air purifying plants. Antique handmade Turkish rug defines the space and a cozy game space at the end of the bed allows the family to gather and play together.



Kristyn Harvey Interiors is a full-service design firm based in San Diego, California. We specialize in large scale residential renovations and furnishings. We believe that your home atmosphere plays a vital role in your mental and physical health and want to create uplifting spaces that also embody who you are as an individual.

Kristyn Harvey Interiors is known for our light filled rooms, warm natural textures and love for vintage furniture. Our goal is to achieve a timeless design infused with warmth and soul. We love to incorporate your family heirlooms and children’s art in a modern way.