Project Details

Rancho Castle Kitchen 
Full Service Renovation and Furnish

Project Details

James Furman


M’s Quality Painting Inc

What makes this kitchen special is the thought behind the layout and functionality of every aspect of this kitchen. If you’ve ever seen what mornings look like for a family with four young kids then you know that the goal is to get the kids in, fed, and out the door as painlessly as possible.

We designed the large island to function as a kids’ breakfast buffet that encourages independence. The kids go to a tower of drawers first, they grab utensils from the top drawer, bowls out of the second, and scoop their own cereal out of the third drawer. They keep moving along the island to an undercounter beverage fridge, pour their milk and then sit down to eat.

Once done they keep moving around the island, put their dishes in the dishwasher and head out the door. They are not all crowding the same area at once, there is no running back and forth dropping crumbs, just a friction free morning routine. 



Kristyn Harvey Interiors is a full-service design firm based in San Diego, California. We specialize in large scale residential renovations and furnishings. We believe that your home atmosphere plays a vital role in your mental and physical health and want to create uplifting spaces that also embody who you are as an individual.

Kristyn Harvey Interiors is known for our light filled rooms, warm natural textures and love for vintage furniture. Our goal is to achieve a timeless design infused with warmth and soul. We love to incorporate your family heirlooms and children’s art in a modern way.